Awakening Through Sound by Sarina Shrestha

AWAKENING THROUGH SOUND By Sarina Shrestha I always wondered how just a sound and vibration could change someone's life. I didn't know until it slowly started to change mine. My childhood consisted of me going to trade shows with my parents, laying underneath the tables with my little legs peeking out of the corners, poking [...]

My Father’s Wisdom by Suren Shrestha

My Father's Wisdom and Remembrances of Our Life in Nepal I was born in a small town called Khandbari, which is about forty-five miles southeast of Mount Everest. It is a hilly area with two rivers, at an altitude similar to Boulder, Colorado. The population of my village is a few thousand people, including the [...]

Healing Through Sound by Suren Shrestha

Singing Bowl Therapy for Health and Wellbeing Quantum physics has proven that everything has a vibration.  Whether it’s a table, chair, human, planet, or the cosmos - everything is producing a vibration with a specific frequency.  For humans, our vibration is the key indicator of our overall health and wellbeing. Vibration occurs at different levels [...]

Participate in Atma Buti’s First Retreat – Build a foundation of Harmony – Estes Park Colorado, YMCA

Participate in Atma Buti's First Retreat - Build a foundation of Harmony - Estes Park Colorado, YMCA Thursday, Sept 3rd 2015          4:00 AM - 7:00 PM Friday, Sept 4th 2015                6:30 AM - 7:30 PM Saturday, Sept 5th 2015          6:30 AM - 7:30 PM Sunday, Sept 6th 2015             4:00 AM - [...]

Serenity Tibet at Artisan Resource at NY NOW

If you're in New York, please come check out our singing bowls at the Artisan Resource at NY NOW tradeshow! Details below: Passenger Ship Terminal Pier 94 *Co-located with NY NOW and SourceNY August 16-19, 2014 Saturday 9AM - 8PM Sunday 9AM - 6PM Monday 9AM - 6PM Tuesday 9AM - 5PM Show Overview There is an [...]