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The Synergy Between Crystals and Sound – By Sarina Shrestha

Crystals are believed to possess unique vibrational frequencies that can positively impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual states. Crystals are known for their ability to absorb, store, and transmit energy. Each crystal possesses its own distinct properties and characteristics, therefore catering to different aspects of well-being. For instance, amethyst is often associated with spiritual growth [...]


Job openings! We are hiring. Please write us at sales@serenitytibet.com. When applying please include: Your resume should include your name, email and phone number Your availability What position are you applying for Position 4 Retail Sales Associate (Pearl St) - Part time We are looking for a retail sales associate for our growing crystal shop [...]

Awakening Through Sound by Sarina Shrestha

AWAKENING THROUGH SOUND By Sarina Shrestha I always wondered how just a sound and vibration could change someone's life. I didn't know until it slowly started to change mine. My childhood consisted of me going to trade shows with my parents, laying underneath the tables with my little legs peeking out of the corners, poking [...]

My Father’s Wisdom by Suren Shrestha

My Father's Wisdom and Remembrances of Our Life in Nepal I was born in a small town called Khandbari, which is about forty-five miles southeast of Mount Everest. It is a hilly area with two rivers, at an altitude similar to Boulder, Colorado. The population of my village is a few thousand people, including the [...]

Article by Suren Shrestha

Let me introduce you to my Sankhuwa Sava Every life travels some peaks and valleys. I would like to suggest that when visiting Nepal, you travel the peaks and valleys of my home, the Sankhuwa Sava district.  This region is of great importance to me as I was born in Khandbari, capital of Sankhuwa Sava [...]