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Awakening Through Sound by Sarina Shrestha

March 15, 2022|Posted By:

By Sarina Shrestha

I always wondered how just a sound and vibration could change someone’s life. I didn’t know until it slowly started to change mine. My childhood consisted of me going to trade shows with my parents, laying underneath the tables with my little legs peeking out of the corners, poking everyone’s feet, scaring them half to death. I would listen to the melodic sound of people ringing singing bowls and bells, a tradition used in Nepali culture for centuries. I would hear people harmonizing their voices with the tune of the bowls. As I lay perfectly still, I could feel the vibration move from the back throughout my whole body. My fingers would start to tingle hoping that the harmonic song would never stop singing. Growing up, my parents always taught me to stay calm and never get frustrated, learning that was a great gift to have. My dad taught me about his business of sound healing meditation, it ignited a passion in me to learn more about this method of healing.

Over time, my legs grew too long to hide under tables, yet I became fascinated by the journey people took with learning how to heal with music.
It excited me to know that many people grew and learned from the experience it took them on. Every age should know the importance of healing and the power that music holds with us. Music awakens not just minds but hearts as well, I can say you feel more alive as the sound harmonizes and touches the soul. It has the power to connect each and every one of us, and to be able to show that to others is so amazing.

Music has always played a crucial role in my life because it gives me a chance to express my feelings with just the connection of the tunes. I’ve learned that the vibration music holds can not only heal your scars, but the wounds you have inside as well. My passion for music grew greatly as the years went by, but not just any type of music. Music that creates a sound to make all your stress and worry slowly fade into complete nothingness. My goal is to show a new perspective on sound in a way that can make you feel more joy.

My parents taught me to always give back and it will come back to you, so l hope to change lives through music and awaken your soul just as it did for me.

Bio: Sarina Shrestha is in 12th Grade at Peak to Peak Charter School. She is 17 years young lady with an ambition to pursue her education in Business Management. Music is her passion and she believes in the power of music and sound. She has a very sweet spot in her heart for all the
animals in this world and she is willing to do some creative projects for them in future. In her free time, she plays Guitar and Piano and write her own songs.

Her parents, Suren and Ruby Shrestha, are the founders of Atmabuti Sound and Vibrational School which is board approved by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Bodywork (NCBTMB) and its courses are regulated by the State of Colorado Department of Higher Education.