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Birth of Manakamana Singing Bowl

April 23, 2020|Posted By:

The Manakamana Singing Bowl

By Maria Dummermuth

Situated on the Arun River, near Tumlingtar, Nepal sits a small temple.  As one enters the grounds, the sounds of young boys chanting and reciting mantras can be heard floating from nearby buildings as children practice and concentrate on their priesthood studies.

The doves nestle in the eaves and on the roofs of the buildings, greeting visitors with their gentle coo.

In the distance, a beating drum can be heard along with the sound of bells and the voice of a shaman invoking spirit for blessings or perhaps a healing.  The smell of incense fills the air as an offering to the temple goddess burns so that Vibhuti or holy ashes might be left as an offering.

There is a sense of magic in the air of this place.  The Manakamana Temple located near Khandbari (Suren’s home village) is a little-known temple dedicated to the Goddess Manakamana.  Unlike the larger, more famous Manakamana Temple west of Kathmandu, the Manakamana Temple on the Arun River is isolated and hidden quietly in nature.  According to village legends many great sages and religious figures have come to this temple to reflect, meditate and write sacred texts on the banks of the Arun River.  In Hindu culture the river is sacred and is often considered a vessel for cleansing and spiritual energy.

The Manakamana temple is known to house is a powerful incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga Bhawani, known as Parvati.  The combination of the two words Mana (heart) and Kamana (wish) means that the Goddess Manakamana guides one in fulfilling their heart’s wishes.

Suren Shrestha, having grown up very close to the Manakamana Temple, was guided by spirit to create a special singing bowl that reflects the magic he feels exists there.  The Manakamana bowl is unlike any other bowl we have offered in our Serenity Tibet product line.  Each bowl is hand selected for quality of invitation sound and rubbing quality.  Attached to these special bowls is a handle that has within it blessed water and Vibhuti (holy ashes) from the Manakamana Temple.  In addition, each bowl has been resonated with a unique mantra and vibratory blessing.

The sound quality that results is ethereal and resonates with deep reverence to spirit.  Play this magical bowl and invoke the qualities of the Goddess Manakamana and invite your (or your client’s) heart’s wishes to be fulfilled. This bowl is also known as Nirvana Bowl.

Nirvana is known as a state of being where there is no suffering, no desire and no sense of self.  In the Buddhist state of Samsara, nirvana is the space when one’s soul is freed from the continual cycle of life and birth.  Take a breath, invite the Nirvana bowl and imagine this freedom from the constraints of daily living.  Complete with a handle for ease in movement and sound distribution, the Nirvana bowl is a gift for all receiving the healing tones that this bowl creates.  

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