Shruti Musical Box

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The Shruti box, a serene musical instrument, emits a continuous sound that harmonizes with the body’s rhythm. It originates from India. Used in meditation and yoga, its calming vibrations induce deep relaxation, easing tension and quieting the mind. With each gentle note, it orchestrates a symphony of tranquility, soothing the soul and restoring balance. Similar to the Harmonium, it is a reed instrument that makes noise using air. It has 13 keys and is tuned to the A-432 Hz International standard. This is a great item for novices and experts alike, both in the musical and the sound healing world. Having this played in the background of your sound healing session adds an extra level of relaxation and dopamine release. It is made from wood, with an air cavity to produce the sound it creates, and of course the several keys on one of its faces. It also has a handle for convenience in transportation. 

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