Red Rosewood Bracelet Plain 8mm

Rosewood  – is a wood that is found in abundance and used for many items from furniture to essential oils, but its use in malas is most helpful in its simplicity.  A simple mala made from wood will eliminate distractions and allow for a more focused and deep meditation practice.  The scent of rosewood is an added bonus and will also provide a sense of calm and relaxation, especially when worn around the neck as a mala. The mild scent of rosewood has been known to alleviate depression and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Wood Prayer Bracelet –  While prayer bracelets are made from many different materials, the material used depends on the village, climate and elevation.  When choosing one, it can be useful to let your intuition guide you.  Some woods like sandalwood, cedarwood and palo santo have a sweet and soothing scent while others can readily absorb the scent of your choice. Bracelets made from wood are also more lightweight and can be worn without creating distraction when not in use.