Lotus Seed Knotted Prayer Mala w/Tibetan Om Pendant

Lotus Seed – the lotus seed carries with it all of the properties of the flower itself.  It is known as a flower of perseverance, fertility, abundance and purity.  As the lotus flower rises toward the sun, it has to travel through the muddy water of its surrounding environment.  When it breaks through the mud and muck and opens its petals to the sun, its beauty is untouched by its ascent.  This is a symbology that we can apply to our own lives when we wear the seeds that create these beautiful flowers.  As we travel through life toward enlightenment, we can aspire to carry within us, this same energy.  Lotus flowers have many different spiritual connections through many different religions.  Ultimately, this seed is connected to the energy of compassion, be it Kuan Yin, Lakshmi or some other loving deity.

Om – Om or Aum, is the most sacred sound and syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism and is considered to be the essence of the universe and creation.  It is used in mantra and blessings and is a way to begin to focus the mind during meditation and to seal the completion of a meditation practice.