Black Yak Bone Mala with Om 8mm

Yak Bone – The yak is a highly prized and beneficial part of the nomadic culture in Tibet, however, yak bone jewelry is typically only made when a Yak dies from natural causes.  This is thought to help maintain the spiritual virtue of an animal that provides for its people, even in death.  Yak bone jewelry is worn as a reminder that life is impermanent and to cherish it fully.  In the Tibetan culture, the people depend on the strength of the yak and use it for transportation, clothing, food and farming.  It  is a highly cherished addition to the Tibetan people and they value the gifts that it provides in life and death.   

Om – the sound of Om or Ohm, is considered the ‘sound of creation’.  It is both the alpha and the omega that unifies all.