10 mm Sandalwood Mala with Turquoise, Coral & Copper 

Sandalwood – is a highly prized wood that has become over-harvested in India which is why we use it sparingly in most of our malas.  Malas made with sandalwood help to enhance one’s meditation practice in ways that are deeply rooted in the Tibetan culture and in Buddhism.  As a meditation tool, the scent of the sandalwood beads can enhance clarity allowing the user to become more deeply rooted in the present moment.  Sandalwood items are frequently given as a traditional gift at births and weddings.  

Turquoise – is a stone that is wise like our elders.  It reminds us to love ourselves without condition, embracing our whole self as a path to self-love.  It’s soft bluish and green tones match the color and energy of the throat chakra.  Learning to speak our truth and align with the Divine Plan helps to create a sense of balance and serenity.  It is one of the most ancient stones and has been used for centuries and in many different cultures to promote wholeness and vitality. Mainly used for purification and protection, Turquoise is a stone for communication.

Coral – is an element that connects with the supra-physical layer of the aura and helps build strength and vitality within this hidden powerhouse in the body.

Copper – is a plentiful mineral that helps energize and amplify vibrational  frequencies within the body.  It has been used over time to improve blood circulation and is thought to have a positive influence on one’s blood pressure.  Copper is an energy conductor and will enhance the energy of any items combined with it.