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Water contained in this bottle will pull copper ions from the container walls and benefit the body aiding in the production of connective tissue, blood vessels, and energy. Because the material of this water bottle is copper, it also helps cleanse the water by damaging the membranes of waterborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. Copper has a long history with cultures from all over the world. Additionally, for over 2000 years, those who practice ayurvedic medicine have been drinking from copper vessels. 

Copper is a necessary component in:

  • Brain development
  • Nervous and immune systems
  • Collagen production (connective tissue around bone structures) 

Please note that drinking water stored in this bottle for more than 24 hours can raise your copper levels beyond recommended limits. Copper, while a highly important metal, can be unhealthy in high concentrations. Please use caution and be aware of how long the water has been sitting in the water bottle. When following all the guidelines, this water bottle is ideal for consumers wishing to take advantage of the many health benefits of maintaining healthy copper levels. It is recommended to hand wash this water bottle. Good maintenance of this bottle will unlock copper’s numerous benefits. It is 10.5” in Height, 2.9” in Diameter, and can carry 32 FL OZ.

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