Rudrakshya Mala with Turquoise, Coral & Copper 10mm

Rudrakshya – In the Hindu culture, Rudrakshya seeds are associated with the Hindu god Shiva and his female consort, Parvati.  This combination of masculine and feminine energy helps create balance and healing within the nervous system.  In sanskrit,  “Rudra” translates as the most fierce and indestructible form of Shiva while the word “Aksha” means teardrops. The unique texture of this seed can help activate the nervous system and reduce mental and emotional stress when rubbed between the palms. This seed can also be used as a carrier for essential oils and other forms of aromatherapy.  Most of the Rudrakshya seeds that we carry are sourced from Suren’s village, Khandbari, Nepal, where his family has been planting Rudrakshya trees for generations.

Coral – is an element that connects with the supra-physical layer of the aura and helps build strength and vitality within this hidden powerhouse in the body.

Turquoise – is a stone that is wise like our elders.  It reminds us to love ourselves without condition, embracing our whole self as a path to self-love.  It’s soft bluish and green tones match the color and energy of the throat chakra.  Learning to speak our truth and align with the Divine Plan helps to create a sense of balance and serenity.  It is one of the most ancient stones and has been used for centuries and in many different cultures to promote wholeness and vitality. Mainly used for purification and protection, Turquoise is a stone for communication.

Prayer Mala – A prayer mala is a necklace with 108 beads. All of our malas are hand-made and have been energized with mantra chanting. Malas help us keep track of the number of mantra repetitions while doing japa meditation.  The ultimate purpose for chanting mantras is to purify the mind. When the mind is restless and full of anxiety, the true self is hidden.  Japa meditation helps promote good luck, protection and prosperity. When worn, malas offer the added benefit of protecting the wearer with the stone’s energy.