Brown Teakwood Lotus Carved Bracelet 12mm

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Brown Teakwood Lotus Carved Bracelet 12mm

Lotus Flower – As the lotus flower rises toward the sun, it has to travel through the muddy water of its surrounding environment.  When it breaks through the mud and muck and opens its petals to the sun, its beauty is untouched by its ascent.  This is a symbology that we can apply to our own lives when we wear the seeds that create these beautiful flowers.  As we travel through life toward enlightenment, we can aspire to carry within us, this same energy.  Lotus flowers have many different spiritual connections through many different religions.

Teak Wood –  While teak wood is endangered in some areas of the world, it is very abundant in Asia.  This energy of this wood offers protection and blocks negative energy from others.  Wearing items made from this wood can enhance spiritual growth.  Its physical attributes of being resistant to decay and pests is capable of lending this potential in the form of spiritual or psychic attacks.

Wood Prayer Bracelet –  While prayer bracelets are made from many different materials, the material used depends on the village, climate and elevation.  When choosing one, it can be useful to let your intuition guide you.  Some woods like sandalwood, cedarwood and palo santo have a sweet and soothing scent while others can readily absorb the scent of your choice. Bracelets made from wood are also more lightweight and can be worn without creating distraction when not in use.



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