Bodhi Seed Bracelet 8mm

Bodhi Seed – The history of the bodhi tree and its seeds began when Siddharta, a Nepalese prince who later became known as The Buddha or the Enlightened One, sat under it for 49 days in an effort to gain enlightenment and peace.  At the end of that time, he did gain enlightenment and the fig tree he sat under henceforth became known as the Bodhi Tree, or the tree of Enlightenment.  The natural conclusion is that there is something very spiritual and peaceful about this tree and it is thought that wearing beads made from its wood can promote this same peace and enlightenment to those in the  modern world as well.

Seed Prayer Bracelet –  While prayer bracelets are made from many different materials, the material used depends on the village, climate and elevation.  When choosing one, it can be useful to let your intuition guide you.  Bracelets made from seed are also more lightweight and can be worn without creating distraction when not in use.