Atma Buti Custom Poured Soy Candles are available in three wonderful scents; Glowing Gardenia, Cosmic Coffee, and Ambient Amber.

Before you burn it, please carefully read and pay attention to these safety instructions.

  1. If the wick is too long, please trim it before burning it because if the flame will touch the side of the glass containers, it may explode because of the high temperature. Make sure the wick is straight and in the center before lighting it.
  2. Dry flowers, leaves, and coffee beans are for decoration purpose only. Please remove them before burning the candles with the help of a tweezer. Otherwise the dry flowers can catch the fire resulting glass to explode.
  3. Burn these candles ONLY in a windless space, otherwise the wind may cause the fire to reach at dry flowers and coffee beans, burn them resulting glass to explode.
  4. Please pay attention to safety and never burn these candles unattended.
  5. Please do not burn these candles in direct sunlight to avoid deterioration of the ingredients like soybean wax mixture and to avoid explosion of the glass due to the high temperature.