9 Inch Hand Hammered Bowl – Antique

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Aged with time, the sound produced by antique hand hammered bowls reflects decades of existence and resonates with stories untold.  While little exact history can be given to the date of production or location of any given individual antique bowl, the wide variety in the metals used to create these historical bowls allows them to play with distinct richness and depth.  Play an antique bowl and invite wisdom from the past to guide you on your journey.  Antique bowls are sold by diameter of their rim and come in a variety of notes and sizes.

This is a special bowl, and it is available in several different sizes and notes. Please specify which size and note you prefer.

A Chakra Bath with these hand-hammered Himalayan Antique Singing Bowls is a treat for the body and soul. Each bowl is attuned to the note of one of the main seven chakras in the human body. When played, the sound of the bowl flows through your aura and cleans your personal energy.

A set of these bowls is a wonderful addition to a healing practice, for both people and animals.

These Himalayan Antique Singing Bowls are made by hand in Nepal, and come with a finely crafted padded striker.

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10.5 × 6 in


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