Sound Healing Classes at Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) School for Orphanage Project. Crystal, Japanese, Himalayan, & Tibetan Singing Bowls for Meditation, Healing & Sound  Therapy. Prayer Malas, How to Heal w/Singing Bowl Books, & Meditation Items for Sound Healing Sessions.

“This treatment is equivalent to a massage of sound and vibration, and is especially successful with people who do not like to be touched or those who do not have a meditation practice. Healing with the Himalayan bowls appears to work, as does acupuncture, by aligning the chakras or meridians through unblocking congestion. I have used these healing bowls for treatment of a severe migraine with a client who could not relax. The pain subsided completely within a 30 minute session. I feel blessed to have this healing tool to incorporate as a modality in my holistic nursing practice.”

Mitzi Cagle, RN, B.S.N, *

“Oh!! Where to begin!! So many beautiful and sweet memories alongside the rich and wondrous teaching Suren holds! I am truly grateful and honored to have taken these classes with him and now am a carrier of this wisdom as well. He is a man of true humbleness and love and compassion, and if I can walk this path as he does, I am indeed fulfilled and in service. His teachings are from the heart, and the bowls sing along with him. And they sing along with me now as I am a lucky person to have a family of these bowls at home with me. And now, I choose to take his level 4 advanced training as he takes us deeper into Buddhist teachings, and I’m so grateful to my “best friend” Suren! And I bow, with “butter flowers!”

Jacqueline Lingenfelter, *

“Suren is a natural teacher. He creates an environment that provides a sacred space for the integration of material throughout the learning process. His joy and commitment to teaching this incredible healing art are evident as it immediately brings students into their own passion and confidence to work with the Himalayan Singing Bowls.”

Jane Shallberg, M.Ed., MT-BC, *

“I have known Suren and Ruby Shrestha for many years, and I have attended four, fabulous classes with the Atma Buti School. My experience has been beautiful. My life has been changed with the effects of Himalayan Singing Bowls and I have Suren and Ruby to thank. If you want peace and serenity-learn to play singing bowls with Suren”

Betsy Perna, *

“Without a doubt, the best Singing Bowl certification is by Suren Shrestha. I took my training years ago with him at Zero Point in Sandpoint, Idaho. The training was very comprehensive 9 years ago!  He even tuned my large collection of antique and contemporary bowls. We had intensive instruction, which I practice currently in Hot Springs, Montana. Thank you very much! Namaste”

Candice White Light, *

Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) Sound and Vibrational School

The mission of Atma Buti is to share the happiness, joy, peace and tranquility of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Atma Buti is the vessel for Suren Shrestha to spread his unique knowledge and experiences of the bowls’ vibrational healing modalities. It is the desire of the Atma Buti® School to provide quality and relevant education in the field of sound healing and Himalayan singing bowl therapy as taught through the lineage of Suren Shrestha, utilizing the trademarked Atma Buti® Method.

Atma Buti translates as “Soul Medicine”. Suren, Ruby and the other teachers of Atma Buti are dedicated to selfless service and spreading the healing energies of the Tibetan bowls to all who seek this Soul Medicine.

Through years of study with herbalists, monks and spiritual teachers from Nepal and Asia, Suren Shrestha has developed the Atma Buti® Method as a body of work for sound healing. Suren Shrestha and his family are delighted to share these gifts with all interested in the healing power of the singing bowls and sound.

In order to carry on this tradition, the Atma Buti® School has developed several levels of study to help practitioners attain their goals. It is through this course of study that one may attend classes and after completing all coursework and requirements become eligible for the title of Atma Buti® Certified Sound Healing Practitioner.

A student may choose to take these courses individually or all at once, with a 2-year grace period to complete all requirements in order to attain full certification.  Special circumstances may apply. Each level will include coursework, practice hours and assessment. It is encouraged to communicate with your regional Atma Buti® teacher, a teacher assistant or a mentor if you have any questions or need assistance in reaching your goals. It is through teamwork, friendship, and continued learning from each other that the Atma Buti® Tribe has evolved, and we are excited to see this vision grow even more.

Many people with different professions come to Atma Buti to learn healing techniques, but end up learning to heal their life, mind and body. The techniques are done through sharing, so students learn from each other. The goal is to realize that the knowledge is bigger than any of us, and we can all help and heal each other through spreading the knowledge.

Financial proceeds from Atma Buti are donated to the Aama Orphanage Education Foundation, which provides quality education to financially disadvantaged orphans of Eastern Nepal.

Level I

Introduction Level I – Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy One and Two Bowl Therapy

Hands-on course in how to play Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound & vibrational healing. Introduction to the history and lineage of the sacred Singing Bowls and how they’re made, see different bowls available and learn techniques for rubbing, striking and playing bowls and Tingsha.

One and Two Bowl Healing: Learn how to effectively use one or two bowls without needing a whole set based on a bowl’s unique tone and positioning. This class is also specifically designed for healing practitioners and those wishing to learn how to facilitate treatments with the use of a massage table. (12 Hours)

Level II

Intermediate Level II – Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy Techniques, Using 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques

Learn the use of bowl placement and the importance of sound intervals as well as the 1st , 2nd and 3rd Protocols of treatment. Techniques using 7 Chakra bowl Techniques  Covering warm water therapy practices, balancing the chakras, and healing prayer techniques. This course will discuss the importance of intention, discussion on puja, setting up the healing environment, and how to conduct a session with a client. (12 Hours)
Prerequisite: Level I

Level III

Advanced Level III– Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl, Using 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques

You will learn protocols for specific health issues. The workshop will cover advanced protocols VI and VII techniques, using advanced warm water therapies, and postures for special needs clients.  These include treatments to ease Depression, Anger, and Stress. This will be a lecture and hands on course, bowls will be provided, for practice.
Prerequisite: Level II

Come and join with us if you want to be a part of Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) Tribe. 

Please, check our school website if you are interested to know what we are offering through our school.

Thank you!

Learn to Heal with the Singing Bowls Certification Course, Atma Buti School - Boulder Colorado

I have found the singing bowls to be a wonderful addition to my healing practice. I feel so very blessed to have learned from Suren Shrestha, a man who has embraced his heritage and ancient teachings. The singing bowls allow the body to remember the perfection of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and allow them to reunite in conversation. I highly recommend the use of the singing bowls as a healing modality.
Dr. Kelly Martin, D.C., Owner, P.C in Boulder, CO, Expression of Life
I use the Tibetan singing bowls in my practice and have found them to have profound effects on my patients. The bowls have an amazing ability to counteract and dissolve the harmful effects stress has on the body, almost instantaneously. The bowls also help individuals connect to their higher awareness and facilitate healing at a very deep level. I applaud Mr. Shrestha for bringing forth and sharing such valuable information with the public, especially in this how-to format that is rarely seen in books of this nature.
Dr. Jacob Hans, Chiropractor
Suren Shrestha is an engaging and experienced instructor who clearly relates the methodology that he learned from his teachers in Nepal. His sincerity and desire to see that his students can both comprehend and capably practice these techniques is very apparent in his work. The effects of experiencing sessions with the tuned chakra bowls are truly phenomenal. This is a technique that can be incorporated into other alternative healing modalities and, even more importantly, it can stand on its own to create positive changes in clients. Thank you, Suren, for bringing this ancient wisdom to the West and sharing it with us!
Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N. Owner, St. Louis, MO, Pathways
Suren is a natural teacher. He creates an environment that provides a sacred space for integration of material throughout the learning process. His joy and commitment to teaching this incredible healing art is evident as it immediately brings students into their own passion and confidence to work with the Himalayan Singing Bowls.
Jane Shallberg, M.Ed., MT-BC
I felt extremely honored to take the level 1 and 2 singing bowl training with Suren Shurestha. It was a heart, mind, and body – expanding experience! I was touched by Suren’s kindness and compassion. In the training I learned about the Himalayan singing bowls; not only how to play them, but how to effectively share this gift with others. In addition to learning about the bowls, I also learned about myself. The bowls and so healing and by giving of myself to others, I have found I can become more content and at peace. Suren’s gentle nature has inspired me to a greater kindness towards myself and others. Compassion is a gift I hope to give many people in the days to come.
Maria Dummermuth

Whether you are a professional massage therapist, Chiropractor, or if you have never thought of yourself as someone with healing ability, you can use singing bowls to help yourself and others.

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