White yak bone with third eye/mandala – 8mm

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Yak bone with symbol beads can be customized to any need, intention, protection, and spiritual growth. The combination of the inherent strength of yak bone with the symbolic meaning makes it a great choice for spiritual jewelry. Each bead is adorned with a meaningful symbol, representing divine qualities, spiritual virtues, or any personal intentions. The use of Yak Bone as a Symbol has a deep root in Hindu and Buddhist practices. Mostcommonly, yak bone with symbol beads is fashioned into malas or bracelets, serving as apath to spiritual energy and intention.


Healing Properties:

  • Symbolic Significance: Yak bone with symbol beads carries the potent energy of sacred symbols, as each bead is embedded with spiritual meanings and intentions. These symbols may represent aspects of divine, love and compassion, or personal aspirations and goals in their spiritual path.
  • Alignment with Divine Energy: The presence of sacred symbols on the yak bones serves as a channeling path to the divine flow of energy into the wearer’s life. As individuals meditate or pray with these beads, they align to higher frequencies of love and wholeness. This alignment brings clarity, peace, inspiration, and guidance, helping individuals to walk their spiritual path with confidence.
  • Protection and Blessings: The carving of sacred symbols on the yak bone beads offer spiritual protection and blessing to the wearer. These symbols act as guardians, deflecting any negative energy that comes near, and at the same time attracting positive vibrations from the universe. As individuals wear malas and bracelets made from these beads, they are blessed with spiritual protection that creates a clear path to their spiritual goal.

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