Tibetan Tranquility Bowls

Tibetan Tranquility Bowls – Tranquility is defined as a quality or state of being when one is calm, experiencing peace, quiet or serenity.  Tibetan tranquility bowls are manufactured bowls composed of a 5 metal alloy that results in a silver like color.  The tranquility bowls range in size from 2.75” to 5.25” and produce a tone that is high pitched, clear and bright.  When combined into a 7 bowl tuned set, these bowls are often described as “the dessert bowls” or the “icing on the cake” as they resonate in a relaxing and soothing combination.  These Tibetan Tranquility Bowls are made so well even a novice can bring them to sing. Bowls can be purchased in groups of seven (untuned/nested), individually or in a hand-tuned (nested) combination set.

  • 2.75″
  • 3.25″
  • 3.5″
  • 3.75″
  • 4.25″
  • 4.5″
  • 5.25″