Silver Hand Hammered Singing Bowls

Silver bowl – Every precious metal brings a unique set of vibrations and healing energy. Each metal can help to enhance and amplify your intentions and your energy while empowering and activating the energy of the healing crystal that it surrounds. The process of creating a silver hand hammered singing bowl is very unique as our Nepali artisans use their talent of infusing copper with other precious metals to make our copper bowls.

Silver is white, lustrous, soft metal and it is excellent conductor of heat and electricity. As a metal, silver has significant health benefits with a powerful antimicrobial agent. Silver also helps with internal heat regulations and circulation. Silver is stated to carry a trace remnant of divine energy, making it a potent weapon against supernatural beings. As a metal throughout its properties silver perfectly manifests the main Moon principles – reflection, connectivity, sensuality.

Our Singing Bowls are made by hand in Nepal. Finely crafted padded inviters and mallets are also available to purchase with us. Copper bowls are very unique and are available in a variety of designs, notes and sizes. Please ask by calling us for the availability and specify about the size and the note when you will place an order with us.


Available from 5.5″ to 12″


A Note – Third Eye Chakra
B Note – Crown Chakra
C Note – Root Chakra
D Note – Sacral Chakra
E Note – Solar Plexus Chaka
F Note – Heart Chakra
G Note – Throat Chakra