Carved Hand Hammered Singing Bowls

Carved bowl – Similar to etching, the process of creating a carved hand hammered singing bowl allows talented Nepali artisans to design intricate and detailed designs that enhance the visual appeal and healing effects of an individual singing bowls.  Carved bowls are often inscribed with mantras or artwork of deities to invite the healing powers of these aspects.  The carving process begins after a hand hammered bowl is produced.  When carving a bowl, artisans utilize a hammer and chisel to create  intricate designs in the metal surface.  Some bowls designing artisans may incorporate both the etching and carving process.  

Our Singing Bowls are made by hand in Nepal. Finely crafted padded inviters and mallets are also available to purchase with us. Carved bowls are unique and are available in a variety of designs, notes and sizes. Please ask for the availability and specify about the size and the note when you will place an order with us.


200g – 999g = 0.16c/g
1000g – 1499g = 0.20c/g
1500g – 3999g = 0.24c/g
4000g – 9999g = 0.28c/g
10,000g – 20,000g = 0.32c/g


A Note – Third Eye Chakra
B Note – Crown Chakra
C Note – Root Chakra
D Note – Sacral Chakra
E Note – Solar Plexus Chaka
F Note – Heart Chakra
G Note – Throat Chakra