A Chakra Bath with these Hand-hammered Himalayan Singing Bowls is a treat for the body and soul. Each bowl is attuned to the note of one of the main seven chakras in the human body. When played, the sound of the bowl flows through your aura and cleans your personal energy.

A set of these bowls is a wonderful addition to a healing practice, for both people and animals.

Our Himalayan Singing Bowls are made by hand in Nepal. Finely crafted padded inviters and mallets are also available to purchase with us. Please ask for the availability and specify about the size and the note when you will place an order with us.

  • 200g – 999g = 0.10c/g
  • 1000g – 1499g = 0.16c/g
  • 1500g – 3999g = 0.20c/g
  • 4000g – 9999g = 0.24c/g
  • 10,000g – 20,000g = 0.28c/g
  • Only 200g – 999g bowls includes Striker