Green yak bone with turquoise, coral & copper inlaid- 8mm

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Yak bone with inlay beads is a beautiful combination used to make malas and bracelets for spiritual practices. This beautiful piece of work brings together the natural strength of yak bone and the intricate beauty of inlay work. This combination resembles the fusion of earthy resilience and artistic elegance, making it perfect for jewelry. These beads are crafted with various symbols indicating spiritual meanings that are embedded into the yak bone surface. Yak bone with inlay beads is traditionally used in Hindu and Buddhist practices for malas and bracelets used for spiritual purposes.


Healing Properties:

  • Harmony of Energies: Yak bone with Inlay beads harmonizes diverse energies by combining the grounding energy of yak bone with the symbolic meanings of inlay designs. Each bead is carefully designed to serve as a symbol of balance and harmony. Those who wear malas and bracelets from this shall experience a sense of wholeness and integration, aligning their energy with their highest self.
  • Integration of Spiritual Symbols: The crafted inlay designs into the yak bone enhance the already existing spiritual significance making it a powerful jewelry to wear. These symbols may represent aspects of the divine, spiritual virtues, or personal intentions. As wearers mediate with these beads, they tune themselves to the deeper meaning and energies that reside within each symbol crafted. This facilitates spiritual growth and inner transformation.
  • Amplification of Intentions: Yak bone with inlay beads amplifies the intentions of the wearer, catalyzing manifestation and spiritual growth. Often used for various purposes such as prayer, meditation, or intention-setting these beads magnify the power of positive affirmations and aspirations.



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