Gemstone Dreamcatchers Crescent Less Stones with Hanging Agate -Multistone

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Traditionally the dreamcatcher’s purpose was to be made for children and adults who suffer from night terrors. It is said the night air blows dreams to people, and it can bring both good or bad dreams, the dream catcher’s web aims to catch the bad ones for you. We have several varieties inspired by the original dream catcher design, made with gemstones, wire, and sometimes faux leather.  Our tree of Life design symbolizes immortality, growth, strength, and positive energy. The half moon design represents feminine intuition, and can signify the hidden and mysterious side of you when seen in dreams. Our Dream Catchers in the shape of a circle, represent the cycle of life. We also have multiple chakra options available for any of the designs. Chakra being the sacred energy points spread throughout your body. Tapping into your chakra is important for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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