Cedarwood & Lapis Lazuli with Blue Silk Tassel

All of our malas are hand-made and energized with mantra chanting. Each mala has 108 beads and are a helpful companion when doing japa meditation or can be worn to receive the benefits of the stone’s energies.

Cedarwoodis fragrant in nature and is light-weight. This cedarwood prayer mala is the best option for the people who prefer to wear lightweight prayer mala around their neck. The scent of cedarwood can be used as insect-repellent and thus can be used to protect clothing from insects. Cedarwood is popular among those who are connected to nature as the oil inside this wood emits an earthy, woody and slightly sweet scent. Cedar trees are found at high altitudes, over 1500m in the Himalayas. Even under severe change in humidity or temperature, cedarwood doesn’t shrink, swell, crack and rot easily.

Lapis Lazuli – this is a stone that has a dual purpose.  It’s deep blue color is a perfect match for strengthening the throat chakra and helping one speak their truth, but  it is also a stone of vision, specifically that found through the third eye chakra. It is a stone that helps with self-knowledge and to remove blocks through self-awareness.  Lapis is a stone that connects its wearer to new information via images that are transported through the etheric third eye rather than our physical sight. As this chakra is strengthened, more and more information from other realms becomes accessible.  Lapis is a stone that comes from the Wind element. These stones are quite literally the ones that bring about the “winds of change” most often in the mind, and in relation to the thoughts and mental attributes. 

On this website we are offering information in regards to the significance (spiritual or healthwise) of specific items as we have come to learn about them from years of study and experience.  Time and time again we have observed the blessings that wearing, chanting or simply holding our precious stone malas can provide. 

We truly believe in one’s individual power and ability to heal themselves and would like to remind our customers that their own intuition and “internal listening” are often the best guides when seeking out a particular healing mala, stone or piece of jewelry.  When in doubt in selecting a handcrafted mala, bracelet or other piece jewelry, simply inquire within, “Which stone feels right?  Which stone makes me happy?  Which stone draws my heart in?”  Listening to our own internal compass and guidance is one of the first steps to awakening our own awareness.  Give it a try!

Disclaimer:Please be advised that the information we have listed for the items on this website are to promote a broad definition and basic understanding only, and should not be a substitute for treatment, or medical diagnosis from a professional healthcare provider.