Black Rin Gong Bowl

Black Rin Gong Bowl – The Black Rin Gong Bowls sold at Serenity Tibet are some of the finest in the world made by highly-skilled craftsmen. Our Black Rin Gong Bowls are very unique and bigger size has very deep resonance. This particular style of singing bowl has been used in Asia for centuries in practices such as:  space clearing, purifying the energy in an environment and as a tool for relaxing the mind.  One might also hear this style of bowl inviting the beginning or end of a meditation practice. Traditionally these Rin Gongs are recommended to play only by inviting not by rubbing around.

These bowls are produced with a higher copper content in their metal alloy, which gives their sound a delicacy and lightness unlike other similar bowls.  They are created by a seven metal-ceramic blend, and ring true. Striker included.

  • 4.25″width x 3″height – comes with red silk mallet
  • 6.25″width x 5″height – comes with red silk mallet
  • 8.25″width x 7″height – comes with black rubber mallet
  • 10.75″width x 9″height – comes with black rubber mallet
  • 11.75″width x 10″height – comes with black rubber mallet
  • 13.75″width x 11″height – comes with black rubber mallet