8 Inch Atma Buti Happy Drum with Multi Notes-Purple

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Atma Buti Steel Drum is 8″ in size and with Multi Notes and Tones. This beautiful mini happy drum metal steel drum comes with mallets. The design and shape of the Happy Drum is supposed to represent a Lotus. It can be played with the mallets, or with your hands. For this size, it is easier to use the mallets. It can be used for fun, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, etc. The pleasing notes provide feelings of relaxation and joy. Each drum plays a full ochtave’s notes so it can be played like a xylophone! Playing music can be therapeutic and soothing, so this is a great gift for someone (both adult and/or child) in need of that. The soft tones our Happy Drums provide are remarkably soothing and relaxing. 


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