10 Inch Serenity Earth Gong Curved Edge – OM (Includes Gong Mallet)

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We know that you can buy your gongs anywhere.  The internet makes it possible to find any item that you desire at any price.  That is why we want to give you a little background on our gongs. It is not our desire to have the biggest selection of gongs on the internet. There are plenty of online companies that already offer this.  It is our intention to carry only the very best gongs with the highest sound quality possible.

When Suren and Ruby Shrestha travel to Nepal to meet the makers of their gongs for Serenity Tibet buyers, they seek out those that do so with an earnest heart. During the gong-making process, the makers pray over each gong to infuse them with love and positivity.  Once they are made, they are tested, and the best of the best are set aside for Serenity Tibet based on the purity of the sound and tone they produce.

When they arrive at our warehouse, we do a ceremony to ask the Divine to bless each one and bring good luck and harmony to the people who buy them and the places they serve.  The music and healing that resonates from our gongs have the highest level of integrity and intention in the hope that they will become a beacon of sound healing for all who encounter them.

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Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in


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